6 Fantastic Family Holiday Ideas

When it comes to choosing the best holiday for you and your family there are so many different destinations to choose from you may find it hard to decide. If you are looking for a well-rounded family vacation that features lots of different activities to occupy yourselves and your children then keep reading for our top picks of family holiday destinations. A family holiday has restrictions as you have to think about each family member to make sure there is something available that they will enjoy taking part in.  


 Crete is an amazing island in Greece which has a lot of different attractions that would be suitable for a wide range of ages, the fact that there is so much to do on this small Greek island is why it is worthy of a position on this list of the eBay family holiday destinations. When traveling in a family it is very important that you have thought about what you want to do when you arrive, in order to avoid the nightmare scenario of arriving without plans only to find that you have selected a location that is on the quieter side.  



 Turkey is a very popular holiday location that is known for being a more affordable destination choice that also has a very wide range of activities available in the area. If you are looking for somewhere to take your family without having to worry about a huge amount of expenses whilst you are there then Turkey may be the choice for you. Food and drink are significantly cheaper in Turkey and with the wide selection of all-inclusive holiday packages that are available you are sure to find a vacation option that caters to you and your family’s needs. 


 Benidorm is normally labeled as a party holiday that would not be the best for a family when the truth of the matter is that Benidorm caters to a wide range of groups and while it is true that there is a big party scene there are also a lot of other attractions that would be suitable for a family holiday. There are multiple water parks and outdoor sports centers for your children to burn off some energy whilst you relax in the sun and with on-site soccer training at many resorts a vacation in Benidorm could also provide the best soccer goals for your kids.



 If you are looking for a more outdoor orientated holiday but cannot afford the necessary budget to go abroad this year then do not worry, a holiday in Cornwall in the UK could be just what you are looking for with so many different kinds of holiday parks that are close to the coast and some very history-rich towns. Not everyone is able to go abroad but this does not mean that you shouldn’t get to spend some time in the sun or on the beach, many people who have visited this part of the world have admitted to preferring it to the holidays they spend a lot of money on to go across the world.  



Florida is a very popular holiday destination with one of the most high profile attractions being Universal Studios and Disneyland, if these theme park experiences are something you are looking for then I would urge you to book as soon as you can because the dates do book up very quickly especially in the summer months. Florida is a great holiday location on its own so you may also want to think about taking the opportunity to visit the area as well as spending time in their very family-friendly amusement parks.  



 The final destination on this list that would be perfect for families of all ages would be Lanzarote, this independent island is very commonly visited by families due to the huge variation in activities and culture that can be found. If you are looking for a well-rounded trip with a range of different things to do then Lanzarote may be the place to visit, it is not a terribly long flight, and the quality of service in Lanzariote’s hospital; it industry is second to none.  

The Best Locals for a Survival Holiday

Going on holiday is one of the most popular things for people to do and something that most people look forward to for months. There are many types of holidays, the most popular being a beach holiday, a city break, or snow sports holidays. Another type of holiday that more people are becoming interested in is survival holidays. A lot of preparation goes into any holiday but much more preparation is required for a survival holiday. This type of holiday is meant to be challenging but it’s important you have everything you need, some of the basic necessities include a good quality tent, a warm sleeping bag, and a portable charger for your phone, you can get all of these items online from places like footsloggers. Survival holidays can be both physically and mentally challenging so it’s important that you think about if you’ll be able to handle it.  If you want to be the next Bear Grylls and think that you’re up to the challenge of a survival holiday, then we’ve found some of the most popular survival holiday locations where you can test out your skills. 


Alaska is one of the 50 states that makes up the United States of America. Any trip to Alaska could be classed as a survival holiday due to the extremely cold temperatures, any trip here is definitely an adventure. It’s the most western state of America and is also one of the most beautiful. If you’re a thrill-seeker then you’ll be delighted to know that every year in June a company called Expedition Alaska hosts a 7-day event that is known to be one of the most challenging in the world. It’s a 500km event that involves many different things from hiking to mountain biking and even abseiling. This location is one of the hardest locations to survive in so you’d have to go on many practice expeditions to qualify for the event as a beginner would not be able to survive. It’s known as the biggest survival test and is one of the most physically demanding events in the world.  

New Zealand

New Zealand is a sparsely populated country with the majority of its residents living in the 5 main cities there and the rest of the Island being amazing scenery and a great place to travel. With so much nature there was bound to be a survival challenge located here. The hardest survival challenge that takes place here is called Speight’s Coast to Coast. It is a 2-day event that thousands of people take part in during February every year. It’s over 200km and involves running, biking, and kayaking from one coast to the other. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, then this would be a great survival event for you to take part in as the route passes through many of the areas that were used to film the Lord of the Rings.  


Australia is known worldwide for being home to venomous snakes and deadly spiders, so where better to test your survival skills than here. The most dangerous part of Australia is the outback, it’s one of the most inhospitable places in the world, it has high temperatures, and the remoteness of the location makes the psychological side of a survival holiday much more difficult. If you want to test your skills here, there are 3-day survival courses you can take to learn all the basics like fire building and how to navigate. Once you’ve done this if you still want more of an adventure there are also 8-day survival holidays that you can book.