Great Travel Locals for Literature Fans

It is hard to argue that there is anything more immersive than sitting down and getting lost in a good book. Reading is better than ever, thanks to this selection of the best reading chairs you can get online. If you are someone that is a literary fan, then you may be looking for great travel opportunities to really indulge yourself in your love of reading.   



There is no travel destination for literature fans that lives up to the experiences that you will get if you take a trip to Howarth, England. Though at first glance, this name may seem unfamiliar to you. It is actually the name of the village that the Bronte sisters lived in. Haworth was the inspiration for all of their biggest novels and if you have ever wanted to experience the moors that are constantly described in wuthering heights, then you will definitely want to travel to come to check it out.  

Haworth also offers you the opportunity to actually enter the home that the Brontes once lived in which means that you will be able to look around their home and get an idea of what inspired them to write the texts that you know and love. 

The village itself is just absolutely charming and it fully embraces the tourists that pass by. Locals are happy to stop and chat about the village’s history and culture and you can also find plenty of cute shops that offer a variety of things. The village is also big on distributing local produce and so you will be able to get a taste of some locally produced and grown food, which will only improve your experience. If you are someone that enjoys Edwardian and Victorian aesthetics, then you will also get plenty of photo ops. 

Italy Tourism The Most Attractive Tourist Places

Italy is a European country famous for tourism. It is very famous for its future and cuisine in the whole world. The capital of Italy, Rome is very known for its ancient art. Many cities in Italy are loved to be visited for vacations, not only in summers but also in winters.

Italy is ranked high in the list of visitors in the whole country. There are many famous sceneries and the whole atmosphere involves a good vibe and enjoyment. There are many top cities which people like to travel to the most.

Italy is an outstanding country to visit due to its food, wine, scenery and historical architecture. Everything in Italy has a different kind of attraction. The history of Florence, the romantic canals of Venice, the Tuscany vineyards, the ancient streets of the some, all these things make Italy very irresistible to be visited.

The visitors to Italy always get overwhelmed after the whole trip and are satisfied with their dream vacation of Italy. You never feel tired or bored in your whole trip to any place in any city in Italy. Everything has its own history and importance there.

  • Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and the most adorable. Rome is known for its historical past, most of the visited places are ancient. Being the center of the Ramon Emperor, Rome has many monuments and architectures, like Colosseum, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Rome was the 11th most visited city in the world in the year 2019. It attracted about 10.1 millions of tourists. It is not the only most listed city in Italy but also the most visited city in the European Union.

  • Venice

Venice has canals more than roads, thus it is also known as the city of canals or the floating city. Venice is the favourite destination of the people who love bridges and winding canals. The most popular places to visit in Venice are the Rialto bridge, the doge’s palace, st. Marks square, and Bridge of sighs.

Venice is also called the romantic city, it is situated in the northern states of Italy. Basically, this city was built on a hundred small islands in the Adriatic Sea. So there are many canals in Venice. The most famous canal in Venice is the Grand canal.

The bridge of sighs is the popular bridge known for the history and art and architecture of the vehicle. It is the best example of white limestone masterpiece.  The Rialto Bridge is considered as the most beautiful bridge in the whole of Venice.

Venice is the best place to visit in the summer, in the month of June and July. And if you want to see the Venice carnival then you should visit in the month of November or March. This time the whole environment in Venice is full of art and costumes. The Venice carnival is celebrated like a festival there.

  • Florence

Florence is one of the central cities of Italy, and the capital of Tuscany regions. Florence has all the beauty of the Renaissance. It is famous for its world-class paintings and architecture. Florence also has many beautiful museums but make sure that you book the tickets on time rather than standing in a huge crowd for the tickets. Leonardo museum is the most popular and interactive museum in Florence. According to UNESCO, the world’s 30% of the best architectures are from Florence. If you are an art lover then you can plan your trip here.

The famous sculpture of the David of Michelangelo also belongs to Florence, which is the most visited sculpture by the tourists in Italy.

  • Naples

In Italy, the city Naples is known for its wealth of historical attractions and also the most loved thing Pizza. The pizza was founded in Naples first. And the places like the Duomo and Villa Comunale have added beauty to the major attractions of Naples. It is very incredible to have an underground city tour.

You can visit the Archaeological Museum of Naples, this museum owns the world’s best collection of Roman and Greek artifacts, some are in the city. There are varieties of sculptures present in the museum, they are made of glass, mosaics and the sculpture of the bodies.

  • Sorrento

Sorrento is not a very huge city but has an affectionate scene due to the dreamy landscape of hills, Mountains and valleys. It is the most beautiful part of southern Italy.

Sorrento is considered as a good place to have a road trip. The roads between the mountains are the exotic scenes of nature. If you are a nature lover then you should visit Sorrento to have a good vacation. 

You can visit Head to Capri, it has wonderful beaches, hiking trails and amazing kinds of seafood. The island seems more beautiful at night, as the most amazing place is the blue grotto which is a small cave where the light changed the colour of the water nein blue. These affectionate things are visible at night, so staying a night in Sorrento is a great choice.

Sorrento is an amazing place and it is mostly crowded during the summers. If you have a low budget then staying in the nearby villages of Sorrento is the best choice.

It is located at the center of Italy, so everything is at walking distance. You can use public transportation to explore the nearby places in Sorrento. The great view here attracts the travellers in large numbers.


In this article, I have mentioned about the various places to visit in Italy. Italy is the most famous place known for its culture and architecture. There are many cities in Italy which are adorable and liked by visitors. Here are a few places in the famous cities of Italy mentioned. If you are planning to go on vacation and want to know the best places, then you can choose any of the Italian places and enjoy your vacations.

Valuable Tips For a Memorable Italian Trip

With all its historic glory, century-old Tuscan wineries, and sleepy old towns, Italy features numerous travelers’ bucket lists. Foodies, history geeks, people who love culture – Italy has something for all kinds of travelers.

The traveler Vs. the tourist

The best part of traveling is looking at and learning about the locals. However, there is a line that differentiates travelers from tourists. Tourists generally stand out in a crowd. Tourists are those people who are content with guided tours. Tourists are at a greater risk of getting scammed by the local vendors.

Travelers, on the other hand, try to immerse themselves in the local cultures. They are people who are not afraid to set off on their own and explore the cozy little corners of the town. When in Italy, being a traveler would promise a more authentic experience. So, how to blend in with the locals in Italy?

Getting acquainted  with the local etiquette

Here are some useful tips for traveling in Italy.

  • Explore Italy’s museums in peace

Italy is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Thus, museums are aplenty. And visiting them is a must! Given the beauty of these museums, they are bustling with people for most of the day. Crowds can spoil a traveler’s museum experience. So, it is advisable to book the museum tickets online. That way, one can avoid the long queues at the ticket counter.

Visitors must still pass the security check queues. However, the waiting time is considerably reduced. Museums are generally emptier in the early mornings or late afternoons. Travelers who want to avoid crowds can plan their visiting time accordingly. Also, Vatican museums are expected to be relatively quieter on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

  • What clothes should I pack?

Travelers try their best to blend with the local crowd. Dressing forms a huge part of mixing with the crowd. Tours in Italy consist of long walks on cobble-stoned paths. Thus, one must pack comfortable shoes. Dressing trendily would be happily welcomed by the fashion-conscious locals! However, when you plan to visit churches, cathedrals, and other religious significance places, wear clothes that cover the knees and the shoulders.

  • Using public transport

The cities and towns of Italy are well-connected through different means of public transport. Some travelers tend to explore smaller towns on foot. However, high-speed trains are a better option for intercity travel. They pass through picturesque routes too.

Tickets for trams, buses, and metros are available in public kiosks and tobacco shops. Do not forget to validate the ticket once inside the vehicle. Otherwise, you will be in trouble when the ticket collector arrives for checking!

Things not to miss when you explore italy

Italy is brimming with beautiful places waiting to be explored and experienced. Make sure to include the following things in your itinerary.

  • Explore the various terrains when you travel

People tend to restrict their tours to the popular cityscapes of Italy. But the country has a lot more to offer – the thousands of beautiful white sand beaches that dot its coastline, breath-taking mountain trails and active volcanoes, the Mediterranean islands, the Alpine meadows, and so on. Try to design the itinerary such that you have the opportunity to visit the various landscapes.

  • The Grand Canal

A water bus ride on the Grand Canal in Venice is a must. Venice is known for its canals and little bridges. Traveling through the traditional Venetian homes through the canals is a unique experience that provides an unmatched experience. Couples can take the iconic gondola ride on the Grand Canal for a romantic evening!

  • Wine tours

A trip to Italy would be incomplete without tasting the local cuisine and locally brewed wine. The enchanting villages in Italy are home to some of the oldest and the best wineries. Wine tours involve sampling a wide variety of blends. It is usually paired up with some delicious local food items. Also, wineries have mesmerizing sceneries. So, one can expect to have lunch with a breath-taking view!

  • Visit the numerous cathedrals.

Italy happens to be the birthplace of the world’s most popular Abrahamic religion. Thus, the country is filled with age-old monuments and cathedrals that carry forward the legends of the past. The grandeur of Italy’s cathedrals is sure to leave any visitor in awe, irrespective of their faith!

A word of caution

Uncertainty is the only truth of life. When in a distant land, there is scope for things to go awry. Unexpected roadblocks, sour experiences, and such tamper with the traveler’s mood and spoil the entire experience. Thus, one should not only be informed about the dos; each traveler must be aware of the don’ts as well.

Here are a few things to avoid while visiting Italy.

  • Wander the mountains without an offline map

It is perfectly alright if you want to unleash the adventurer in you and set off on your own. However, getting lost in the mountains or the twisty streets of the cities is a real risk. To avoid going astray, download all the maps required for your planned route, as getting lost is not as fun as it sounds. It would be quite the opposite!

  • Carry heavy baggage

It is an unwritten rule to travel light, irrespective of the destination. But it is all the more important while visiting Italy. Narrow, crooked, and steep roads are common in the cities. Thus, moving around with heavy luggage would make it hard to experience Italy’s beauty.

The bottom line

Visiting Italy can be an enriching experience. From the mountains to the meadows, from the caves to the streets and canals, each part of the country promises a unique experience. To explore the various parts of the country without having to deal with the crowded tourists, make sure to book your tickets during spring or autumn. Summers are crowded due to school holidays and the best weather for a beach vacation. Early June is the ideal time to explore the country.