World Customs: How Birthdays are Handled Around the Globe

Birthdays are one of the most fun days of the year as it’s an opportunity for you to spend the day with all of your friends and family. On top of getting to see your loved ones they’re also great as you get cake, presents and a party. One of the most difficult things about birthdays however is finding a great gift for your loved one. This can be particularly hard with children as they frequently change their mind on what their favorite toy is or what their current favorite show is making it hard to find a great gift. Some great general gifts for young boys include things like a games console or sports-related gifts. For girls if you get them anything Frozen related then een 9-jarig meisje krijgt dit graag als verjaardagscadeau. Birthdays are celebrated differently worldwide and some of the traditions may surprise you.  


Various countries have different traditional activities that take place at birthday parties. Some of the best traditions that we found out about are that in many of the Latin American countries, on a girl’s 16th birthday the celebration begins with a mass and ends with a huge celebration. This tradition has been around for a long time as it is both a religious activity but it is also a sign of womanhood. Some other activities include in Mexico they often have pinatas, this tradition has also spread to other countries as it is great fun to hit something with a stick and have candy fall out, in Brazil and Jamaica their traditions include having flour thrown at you and in Canada people get greased which means they have butter put on their nose as it is said to ward off bad luck. 


One of the biggest differences between cultures worldwide is their traditional cuisine. As different continents have vastly different available resources this means that they eat very different food on a daily and this is also true for birthdays. In the UK a birthday cake with the same number of candles on as the age of the person whose birthday it is a long-standing tradition. The person whose birthday is it has to blow out all of the candles and if they blow them out all at once they get to make a wish. In China, the main birthday dish is egg noodles as in China eating egg noodles is meant to represent longevity. In the Netherland, their traditional birthday dish is a tart that is filled with fruit and topped with lots of whipped cream. Australia takes a more savory route for their traditional birthday meal, they are known to serve fairy bread on birthdays, this is a rolled-up pastry that is simply bread and butter which is then covered in sprinkles to represent the celebration. Finally, in South Korea, they have a healthy birthday dish. On birthdays they are known to eat seaweed soup as it’s believed to replenish nutrients so is a great start to the day. 

6 Fantastic Family Holiday Ideas

When it comes to choosing the best holiday for you and your family there are so many different destinations to choose from you may find it hard to decide. If you are looking for a well-rounded family vacation that features lots of different activities to occupy yourselves and your children then keep reading for our top picks of family holiday destinations. A family holiday has restrictions as you have to think about each family member to make sure there is something available that they will enjoy taking part in.  


 Crete is an amazing island in Greece which has a lot of different attractions that would be suitable for a wide range of ages, the fact that there is so much to do on this small Greek island is why it is worthy of a position on this list of the eBay family holiday destinations. When traveling in a family it is very important that you have thought about what you want to do when you arrive, in order to avoid the nightmare scenario of arriving without plans only to find that you have selected a location that is on the quieter side.  



 Turkey is a very popular holiday location that is known for being a more affordable destination choice that also has a very wide range of activities available in the area. If you are looking for somewhere to take your family without having to worry about a huge amount of expenses whilst you are there then Turkey may be the choice for you. Food and drink are significantly cheaper in Turkey and with the wide selection of all-inclusive holiday packages that are available you are sure to find a vacation option that caters to you and your family’s needs. 


 Benidorm is normally labeled as a party holiday that would not be the best for a family when the truth of the matter is that Benidorm caters to a wide range of groups and while it is true that there is a big party scene there are also a lot of other attractions that would be suitable for a family holiday. There are multiple water parks and outdoor sports centers for your children to burn off some energy whilst you relax in the sun and with on-site soccer training at many resorts a vacation in Benidorm could also provide the best soccer goals for your kids.



 If you are looking for a more outdoor orientated holiday but cannot afford the necessary budget to go abroad this year then do not worry, a holiday in Cornwall in the UK could be just what you are looking for with so many different kinds of holiday parks that are close to the coast and some very history-rich towns. Not everyone is able to go abroad but this does not mean that you shouldn’t get to spend some time in the sun or on the beach, many people who have visited this part of the world have admitted to preferring it to the holidays they spend a lot of money on to go across the world.  



Florida is a very popular holiday destination with one of the most high profile attractions being Universal Studios and Disneyland, if these theme park experiences are something you are looking for then I would urge you to book as soon as you can because the dates do book up very quickly especially in the summer months. Florida is a great holiday location on its own so you may also want to think about taking the opportunity to visit the area as well as spending time in their very family-friendly amusement parks.  



 The final destination on this list that would be perfect for families of all ages would be Lanzarote, this independent island is very commonly visited by families due to the huge variation in activities and culture that can be found. If you are looking for a well-rounded trip with a range of different things to do then Lanzarote may be the place to visit, it is not a terribly long flight, and the quality of service in Lanzariote’s hospital; it industry is second to none.