8 of the Most Instagram-Worthy Holiday Locations

When it comes to choosing your next holiday destination many people have started to take into consideration how good the location will look on their Instagram feed as a deciding factor to go. This big change in the importance of social media has led to some exotic and city locations becoming more popular as they offer attractions and tourist hotspots that would make any Instagram feed look really fashionable. If you are looking for the most Instagram-worthy holiday destinations then keep reading for my suggestions.


Cornwall is a beautiful seaside region of England that many people have been visiting at an increased rate in recent years, with a good balance of natural landscape with the beaches and gorgeous blue ocean and the busy city life. You will find plenty to do if you choose Cornwall for your next vacation. Cornwall is a high place so there are many different areas that you can visit to suit your preferences, do some research to see what is there and how Cornwall has such a rich history of the many industries that were present, one thing’s for sure if you go to Cornwall you won’t be short of content to post on your Instagram feed.

The Maldives

The Maldives is another very popular part of the world for Instagram worthy holidays with your loved ones, this classic beach location is located in South Asia and would be perfect for those of you looking for a more laid back trip relaxing on the beach with only the waves to keep you company. There really isn’t a better place for an Instagram-worthy trip and with so much to see and do that is native to the area you could learn something new also. The Maldives is also very popular for weddings and a Maldives honeymoon is something that many newlyweds choose to do due to the romantic backdrop of the natural setting.


If you are looking for an Instagram-worthy trip that is a bit more futuristic and busy, then Tokyo could be the one for you, with the bright city lights and urban appeal. Tokyo has been a popular tourist destination for years and years. The culture is so unique with things like street food and street performers being a very common occurrence.

The Caribbean

It should go without saying that The Caribbean is another totally Instagram-worthy location that you must visit at some point in your lifetime, again this is another place with a cultural element that is so different from what can be found anywhere else in the world. If you want nice food, music, and amazing beaches then a trip to the Caribbean is something that cannot be missed. The great thing about the Caribbean is that there are so many little islands you can visit, for the perfect Instagram trip that is going to brighten up your feed. I would recommend doing some kind of boat trip around the islands to really make the most out of it and get some amazing pictures.

Paris, France

Another location for the romantics amongst you, Paris is without a doubt one of the most stylish locations you can vacation to, the classic tourist destinations and iconic food culture is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can spend your time doing in Paris. If you love to share your shopping snaps on Instagram then being able to add the location tag as Paris and show off your new purchases is enough to make any viewer jealous and give you plenty of likes on your feed.


London is another vacation destination that would be perfect for those of you that like to shop. If you are looking for some of the finer things to post about on Instagram then why not try afternoon tea at the Savoy or a visit to The Tower of London for an experience you will never forget. London has so much to offer including an urban style meal at Camden Town followed by a show on the west end you will never run out of activities in London and they will all make for excellent posts on your Instagram feed.

New York

If you’re lucky enough to visit America then New York is a must if you want to get pictures of all of the iconic American landmarks. New York is a great place with many hidden treasures featuring unique restaurants and entertainment shows that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. The bright city lights and classic Brooklyn Bridge in the background would make for some excellent photography to brighten up your feed and show off your latest travels.


The final location on this list that you simply must visit at some point if you are looking to give your Instagram a boost would have to be Spain, this large region has so much to offer with many popular holiday destinations and beaches for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Imagine sitting back on a sun lounger in the Spanish sun on one of their lovely beaches, sampling some traditional Spanish cuisine, followed by some high energy entertainment to really round off your evening and give you the opportunity to get the perfect pictures to add some flair to your Instagram page and bring in some extra likes.

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