There are lots of places in the world to go for an amazing vacation. In the list of adorable places to explore, the European countries are listed on the top of the list. Italy is the most loved place because of its culture, architecture, and history. You can explore many dreamy locations and no visitors go unimpressed with Italy.

Italy has an amazing view and all types of views for the people of different age groups. The canals, architectures, historical monuments, lakes, bridges, vineyards, these things make Italy more tempting. On your tour of European countries, you will get a lot more to remember and enjoy. Here I even have listed a number of the foremost well-known locations to travel to in Italy.


In European countries, Milan has very fine arts which are most interested in whole European countries. Duomo is the most visited place here. As Milan is a cathedral place, you can find many astounding crutches. Milan is a good place for the businesses of luminaries and also the most domestic place to live, this place has given great people like Michelangelo, Verdi, Caruso and Toscanini.

San Gimignano

Sam Gimignano is popular for its extraordinary skyline, the medieval tower and the incredible honey-coloured buildings made up of stones. You can also explore hills with a vineyard and olive groves. It has many waterways and alleys to be visited. To explore Sam Gimignano you are ready for thrill and delight.


Venice is the topmost rated place to be visited in the European countries. Vince is a Romantic city that has a lot to be seen. The most popular places to visit are the Rialto bridge, the doge’s palace, st. Marks square, and Bridge of sighs. Basically, this city was built on a hundred small islands in the Adriatic Sea. So there are many canals in Venice. The most famous canal in Venice is the Grand canal.

Venice is the best place to visit in the summer, in the month of June and July. And if you want to see the Venice carnival then you should visit in the month of November or March. This time the whole environment in Venice is full of art and costumes. The Venice carnival is celebrated like a festival there.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda has many realistic sceneries to be seen, this lake is one of the greatest and shocking lakes among the various lakes of Italy.  There are the rugged mountains that surround the deep blue waters of the lake. The two cities touch the shore of the lakes.

You got to base yourself right here for per week or bigger – choose between luxurious spas and dwindled bank inns – or day-trip it from Milano. You can also take the royal cruise on the lake and enjoy your drink and delicious Italian meal. This might be a feeling like your dream comes true.

Things to do in Italy

If you are planning to visit Italy for your vacation then here are a few things suggested adding to your list for a trip to Italy.

  • Shop in Milan

Italy is known as a fashion capital. If you visit Milan then don’t forget to shop, take two or three days to spend shopping.

  • Take pictures at Pisa

While you are on the Italy tour, don’t forget to visit Pisa where you can take all the desired pictures of the street and towers.

  • Visit Venice

Venice is like a dreamland, many people visit Italy mainly to have a Venice trip. The winding bridges will make your trip amazing and full of adventure.

  • Take a cooking lesson

Italy is famous for its taste, so if you visit Italy then try to learn the recipes of their tastes. If you have more time then you can also join any tutorial to learn cooking recipes of Italian dishes.

Is Italy safe for Tourism?

When someone has to visit a different country or state, then a very common question which strikes in their mind is about safety. Talking about the safety in Italy for tourists, then yes Italy is indeed safe for tourists. Nowadays, the crime rates are very low, and above all tourists are given extra care and safety by the sheriff. If you are completely clueless about the country, then remember to take a few precautions, and know whom you are dealing with in the country. You should also pay attention to where you are staying and a proper map of that place. These also pack a small medical kit with you for your safety, make sure to keep masks and sanitizer along with you on your whole trip. Take all the essential things with you to stay safe as Italy was among one of the highly affected COVID-19 counties.

Different convenience to explore Italy

You can explore Italy by various private and the public provided convenience. The government there has also organized a travellers bus for the people visiting there as a tourist. These buses have their pick up and dropping points assigned earlier. You can also hire rental cars to make a broad exploration of the cities. The rental cars enable you to explore at your own time and pace. The rail service is also a good option to be chosen for the Italy tour. All the cities are interconnected to each other through a railway network. There are many various conveniences offered and you can select it on your own scale of comfort.


In this article, I have mentioned the various places to visit in Italy. Italy is the most famous place known for its culture and architecture. There are many cities in Italy which are adorable and liked by visitors. Here are a few foods and conveniences also suggested for you. Here a few safety measures are also given to be taken care of during this pandemic.

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