In 2019, Italy was the most visited country with about 94 million tourists per year. It attracts people because of its culture, fashion, art and cuisine. It has many beaches, monuments and places to visit.

Italy has great revenue from tourism, it has gained about €189.1 billion from tourism.

There are a lot of hotels in Italy, all types of hotels of various stars from 1 to 5 are present. There are a total of 33,557 hotels with 1,020,000 total rooms and 2,028,000 beds. The hotels are divided as per their rating from top to bottom. The topmost rated hotel has just 25 rooms and provides the best service among all the hotels for tourism.

Try to explore slowly, because Italy is beautiful when you see and everything slowly and full of passion. If you are in a hurry then you can miss many adorable things in the city. 

Few places in the top list of places to be visited in Italy


And as before as a thriving Roman town, a city accustomed to being positively destroyed via a ruinous eruption of its temperamental neighbour, Mt. Vesuvius – that whole blotted out the town.

Nowadays, this nice archaeological and UN agency World Heritage web site on-line could be a must-see location if you’re visiting between the Amalfi Coast and urban center. It’s a positively convenient spot to go to.

La Scala is the world’s most prestigious house, DA Vinci’s The Lord’s Supper fills the wall at a religious residence and everyone through the metropolis square measures museums and palaces full of a number of the world’s best art. And no fashionista will set about to stroll through the known Quadrilatero.

Lake Como

Italy’s most lovable lake, Como has been the favourite time of year recoil of the prosperous and well-known visible that historical Romans fled Milan’s time of year heat to cool down in the villas aboard its steep shores. Later villas enhance its tightly clustered cities, particularly fabulously Bellagio, artfully attacking an element the place the 3 slender fingers of the lake meet.

A microclimate makes Como’s western shore temperate even in winter, therefore the white peaks of the mountain range merely to the north will be seen between palm timber and camellias. remember regarding the town of Como, on the southern shore, properly well price a quit ahead of boarding a steamer to get to the lake.

Getting to Florence

Peretola is the name of the airport in Florence, the official name of the airport is Amerigo Vespucci. It is the international airport in the region of Tuscan. After Pisa, this airport is considered the busiest airport in the Tuscany region.  It has a single runway which makes Peretola connected to other European cities.

You can also travel by road to Florence, taking public transportation is very easy and convenient. The authority has also organized tourist buses to explore Florence. The drop-off and pick-up points are already assigned. You can easily explore the whole city by taking the stoppage at your favourite point.

You can also explore Italy by rail, travelling from north to south of Italy is easy from the train. There are two major railway stations in Florence, named Firenze Santa Maria Novella and Firenze Campo di Marte. For Florence, your train travelling is the most preferred convenience.

When to go to Italy?

Before travelling anywhere especially when you are going to any other country there are few things which you must know. Like what is the best time to travel, let’s talk about the good time to travel in Italy. If you want to travel to Italy, then you must travel there from April to June or from mid-September to October.

At this time the temperature of the place is comfortable, there is not much crowd, so visitors can enjoy the beauty of the place, without much disturbance. Also, avoid going there in August because it gets really hot and muggy there in this month, which makes the crowd uncomfortable.

During summer, it is very hot in Italy and it becomes really uncomfortable to be there especially for the purpose of travelling.

What to eat?

Italy is very popular in the whole world for its cuisine, pizza, bread, pasta wine, and tomatoes. You can have food in Italy at very low expenses. A  standard meal with wine cost about 25 EUR per person. The quick first or the fast-food costs probably low and in the budget.

Most convenient and best way to explore Italy

The best way to explore Italy is via a train network. You can enjoy your whole tour if you are going by train. Every tourist place is interconnected by the train network, so you can easily take a trip to various places in Italy.

You can also choose public transportation like buses, rental cars to explore places in Italy.

Trip with safety measures in pandemic

Italy has been one of the highly affected countries due to Covid- 19. Journeys these days aren’t safe anywhere, especially in Italy. The situation in the world is healing slowly so taking precautions is far better than cure. While travelling you should be very careful to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. If you have the flu or cold for if you are unfit then avoid travelling.

Before travelling make sure that you have gone for the corona test recently. Keep yourself sanitized every time you touch anything. Be more careful and aware before and about the hotel you choose.

Make sure you carry a mask and sanitizer along with you during the trip.


In this article, I have mentioned the various places to visit in Italy and also how to explore the destination. Here are a few foods and conveniences also suggested for you. Here a few safety measures are also given to be taken care of during this pandemic.

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