It is hard to argue that there is anything more immersive than sitting down and getting lost in a good book. Reading is better than ever, thanks to this selection of the best reading chairs you can get online. If you are someone that is a literary fan, then you may be looking for great travel opportunities to really indulge yourself in your love of reading.   



There is no travel destination for literature fans that lives up to the experiences that you will get if you take a trip to Howarth, England. Though at first glance, this name may seem unfamiliar to you. It is actually the name of the village that the Bronte sisters lived in. Haworth was the inspiration for all of their biggest novels and if you have ever wanted to experience the moors that are constantly described in wuthering heights, then you will definitely want to travel to come to check it out.  

Haworth also offers you the opportunity to actually enter the home that the Brontes once lived in which means that you will be able to look around their home and get an idea of what inspired them to write the texts that you know and love. 

The village itself is just absolutely charming and it fully embraces the tourists that pass by. Locals are happy to stop and chat about the village’s history and culture and you can also find plenty of cute shops that offer a variety of things. The village is also big on distributing local produce and so you will be able to get a taste of some locally produced and grown food, which will only improve your experience. If you are someone that enjoys Edwardian and Victorian aesthetics, then you will also get plenty of photo ops. 

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