Everybody loves taking trips to new places. Travelling is not only a great way to unwind and relax but is also a great way to learn and experience new things. Traveling to new cities and new courtiers gives one exposure to the outside world. One can learn the way the world moves, people live, what they eat, what they grow, and what their history is in terms of politics, arts, and culture. One such country, which is rich in culture, history, food, and art, is Italy. This European country is one of the most popular vacation destinations among people these days. People live the food, the boutiques, the beaches, the world heritage sites that Italy has to offer. So if one is planning to visit Italy in near future, here are some places to visit and some food to relish.

Why visit Italy?

When it comes to taking a vacation, various things come to mind. One of the very things that one ponders is why visit a place? When it comes to Italy, the same questions might arise as well. Let’s see what all things make Italy stand out:

  1. It is a place that the history and culture lovers will enjoy the most.
  2. The food is the main attraction as Italian food has a different fan base, whether it is gelato or pizza.
  3. Italy has long beaches and part of the European coastline.
  4. Some various museums and attractions convey the love of art throughout Italian culture.
  5. There are 55 world heritage sites across Italy, out of which 4 are natural and 51 are cultural.
  6. The landscape is vivid and different ranging from beaches to forests to mountains.

Places to visit

For those who like to have a bucket list of places to visit in their lifetime, there is always a high chance that one or two Italian locations make the list as well. Here are 5 places that one cannot miss while visiting the country of Italy.

  • Florence: Home to an Italian art renaissance landmark, the Duomo.  From the large dome to the eight-sided baptistery to the bronze doors, this cathedral is all about art and renaissance artists like Ghiberti and Giotto. The city of Florence is scattered with museums and cathedrals and is the hub of all people who like rich art and reminisces.
  • Rome: When in Italy, one cannot forget Rome, the capital and the largest city in the country. There are various places to visit in Rome like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Forum, Palantine Hill, the Pieta, Sistine Chapel, etc. other than this there are other activities as well like walking down the streets of Trastevere, visiting Borghese gardens and making a wish at the Trevi fountain.
  • Venice: The city situated on the water is something that one cannot miss while being in Italy. It is a city that has a different charm as instead of taking buses, one will have to take gondolas and pass through the water passages. All in all, this city’s every nook and corner looks like a postcard. There are also some major attractions like St. mark’s square,  doge’s palace, the basilica of St. mark, campanile, grand canal, etc.
  • Milan: This city is the hub of Italian and world fashion and design and not to mention the home to various artists and sculptures across the globe. From being the home to Vinci to Toscanini to Michelangelo, the city of Milan is rife with culture, art, and style. The city also houses one of the largest and magnificent gothic style cathedrals in the world, the II Duomo. There are also places like opera houses, monasteries, museums, and Fashion Street like quadrilatero to visit.
  • Naples: The city where Neapolitan pizza took birth is the place where life, culture, music, and sheer exuberance takes the prize. This city is beautiful with its narrow roads, lively markets, beautiful European palaces, museums with Capri at the ferry distance from the coast. One can enjoy the life of the people and experience the lavish lifestyle and humble origins of Italian culture.

Food to enjoy

When it comes to Italians, it is all about European finesse, rich olive oil, and beautiful host culture. It is a sheer mistake if one goes to Italy and does not enjoy the food that Italians invented and is now enjoyed by people across the globe. Without any doubt, the Italians are not just artists with colors, fabrics, and sculptures, but they are also artists in their very Italian kitchens. Some food typically from Italy that one cannot miss is:

  • Neopolitan pizza or pizza Napoletana: Said to be from Naples, this pizza is the humble pizza that tastes good, looks great, and is made with lots of love. This simple pizza has flatbread, lots of olive oil, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil on top.
  • Gelato: This frozen goodness is something that is originated in Italy and is now pretty popular across the globe. Gelato is smoother, natural, has less cream and less air, giving it an ice cream like texture, yet is not ice cream.
  • Foccacia: This flatbread is from Liguria, and is termed as the simplest yet most delicious bread across Italy. This bread is made on the hearth, consists of wheat flour, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, and flavorings like tomatoes and basil.
  • Lasagna: Lasagna Alla Bolognese is the classic pasta dish that originated from bologna. This dish has sheets of pasta, béchamel sauce, ragu, and parmesan cheese. This dish has various variants but the Bolognese is the classic that one cannot miss.

When it comes to going around the world, food and heritage are two things that one should enjoy the most. And, no doubt is the place where heritage and food both take the front row seats. One can enjoy culture, art, beautiful landscapes and delicious food, in their visit to the country of Italy. So next time, if there is a plan to visit a European country, then Italy should top the list. It is a place where one can see the world’s heritages and enjoy a gelato while roaming the streets at the same time.

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