Have you ever visited Italy before? If yes, you may know that it’s an incredible country that will take you to visit it again and again. Some people convey their stories to other travelers that they visited Italy more than ten times but still want to travel it again. The biggest reason behind that most of these travelers only travel to specific places and end up feeling that they only scratched Italy’s surface.
Italy: the city of love, experiences and a lot more
Many people plan their trip to Italy and only include Rome, Florence, and Venice. One of the biggest mistakes of these travelers as Italy is not just about Rome, Florence, and Venice because there are many other places to visit. You are not doing justice with a beautiful country by visiting the big cities and thinking that you have seen the country’s best.
You will find many types of travelers around, but it does not matter what kind of traveler you are because Italy has everything from architecture, good food, little towns, stunning scenery, and many more. It is the biggest reason why Italy is considered the perfect travel location in the world. You can visit Italy even with your kids because the Italian people love being with kids. Your kids love the places as they can delicious food such as pizzas, pasta, and the gelatos that will make them fall for the country.
In the following article, you are going to have a guide about visiting Italy. You may read this article if you are thinking or planning to visit Italy in the upcoming days. Many people in the world traveled to Italy before; this guide has been made after collecting these travelers’ experiences.
Admiring places to visit in Italy
This guide will take you to Rome’s landmarks to the road trip of Tuscany and the hills of the Cinque Terre. You can add these places to your trip to make it the best trip of your life as all the destinations have beautiful sceneries and picturesque towns.
Rome: The astonishing commune of Italy
If you are traveling to Italy for the first time in your life, you will undoubtedly start your trip from Rome. The reason is so clear because it is considered one of the beautiful cities in the world. It doesn’t matter how long your trip is for Italy because you will feel your trip incomplete without traveling to Rome. Many travelers refer the Rome as a city museum because it gives you the feel of a huge open-air museum. You will feel that every park, every street, every town square, every building, and every heritage will present your century’s history. You will experience every bit of history that you saw in movies and books.
⦁ Things you can’t miss in Rome are the pantheon, Piazza Navona, and the Spanish steps.
⦁ The time you need to visit depends on what the travelers want as some travelers only want to take pictures, some want to see the places, and few of the travelers want to explore it deeply. You will at least plan five to six days for deeply exploring the city. If you want to see all the places, it will take up to 2 -3 days, and those who only want to take a picture can finish the tour within days as they only want some pictures for their social media handle.
Tuscany: the home of Renaissance art
If you searched about Italy, you would get to know that it has more than 20 regions, and Tuscany is considered the nicest region. The reason is that Tuscany is located in between Milan, Rome, and Venice. It’s not the only reason to visit Tuscany because it also offers you many other things such as landscape and food. You will be shocked to know that Tuscany produces the best wine in Italy and you can visit the wineries to taste the Chianti wines in the famous restaurants. The best thing about the Tuscany is their winding roads that are lined in with cypress trees and making a picturesque landscape.
⦁ Things you can’t miss in Tuscany – Do not miss to visit the Brunello di Montalcino and the Valdorcia landscapes.
⦁ How much time you need to visit – if you want to visit the Tuscany with the main highlights, it will take you at least two days. The first day will be in visiting Florence and the other day will take to Chianti and Siena. Make a plan to cover all the main highlights of the city and for deeply knowing the Tuscany in a relaxed way, will take around a week.
Cinque Terre: the line of aged seaside villages
It is one of those places in Italy that will attract you so hard, and if you missed it by chance, you would regret your life whenever you try to mention the trip. The main reason that the cinque Terre has a scenic coastal area that most people can’t even believe it’s real. The Cinque Terre comprises five towns such as Vernessa, Monterosso, Corniglia, Manarola, and the Riomaggiore. It is located near the coast of Rivera of Liguria region. You will notice that these towns are located between hills with vineyards on one side and azure sea on the other side.
⦁ The interesting thing about the Cinque Terre is that you can’t visit it by car. The best transport you can use for traveling is by train, boat or hiking between the five villages.
⦁ The time needed for a visit – It will only take you a day to explore the Cinque Terre, but if you want to explore it deeply, you need to plan a trip for at least two to three days.
After reading this guide, you will get the necessary information about traveling to Italy, but remember that there is no such guide that can help you completely visit beautiful Italy. Try to plan a tour of at least a week as it helps to explore Italy’s beauty.

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