If you are someone that has been trapped inside for the majority of the year, you may be dreaming about jetting off on holiday. Though you could go anywhere in the world, you most likely want to go somewhere with a lot of sun and a lot of fruity cocktails. When you finally jet off on holiday, it is also likely that you will want to go somewhere with a beautiful beach that you can enjoy. Here are the 4 most beautiful beaches that you have to visit.  


Railway Beach 

This beach located in Thailand is absolutely breathtaking and it is already likely that you have heard of this beach or at least seen pictures. What makes this beach so beautiful is the gorgeous white sands and rich blue surrounding waters. It is also surrounded by limestone cliffs which means you can only travel to the beach via boat, which makes it all the more special.  


Tunnels Beach  

This is one of the most popular snorkeling locations in the world and it is known for its marine life and beautiful blue waters. If snorkeling isn’t your cup of tea then don’t worry, there is plenty of sand for you to kick back and enjoy a delicious cocktail and maybe even a puff of your cbd oil vape to relax even more. Hawaii is very tourist-friendly, so if you want to get a tour of this beautiful location, you need only ask. 


Baker Beach 

It isn’t guaranteed to be super sunny every time you go to this beach, but there is no denying that it is beautiful. From this beach, you get brilliant views of the golden gate bridge and you also get to sit on the smooth sands and take in the rocky landscape that is bound to amaze you while you take in all of the scenery.  


The Baths 

Located on the Virgin Islands, this white sand beach is absolutely gorgeous. When you try to imagine what a tropical beach may look like, anything that your brain is able to piece together is going to create something very similar to the Baths. This is a hot spot for snorkelers, which means that the beautiful blue waters that surround the beach are full of plenty of marine life that are bound to absolutely blow you away. We recommend visiting this beach whenever you get the chance to.  

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