This is the year that we have all been waiting a long time for. The rest of the world is starting to open up its borders, which means that for all of you travel fans out there, it’s time to start booking your next adventure.

For the first time in over a year, we have the whole world at our disposal. Though this may feel like a good thing, as it means there are no limitations on where you can go, this fact makes the prospect of choosing your next holiday vacation much harder. After all, how can you choose just one place from the vast collection that the world has to offer? If you have stumbled across this article it is likely that you are in desperate need of advice on where you should head in the upcoming year.  Our number one pick for your next trip is the Crete Islands, but you may be wondering why 2022 is the time to visit the Crete islands?


They’re beautiful

One of the main and most obvious reasons that we think that you should visit the Crete islands is because they are absolutely beautiful. Surrounded by white sands and scaling cliffs, the Crete islands are some of the most beautiful locations in the world. In an ocean of bright blue seas, these islands stick out due to their natural vegetation and cascading hills.

Unlike a lot of places around the world, the Crete islands have not fallen victim to gentrification, which means that the buildings and architecture that have been placed on the islands do not break away from the existing aesthetics on the island, in fact, they only enhance how the island looks and create an architectural beauty that enhances the natural beauty of the island.

Most of us have spent the last year just staring at our own walls and if that is something that you have experienced, then it is likely that you will want to see something that is a world apart from what you have been looking at. Crete will give you the escape that you desperately need and so we recommend that you look into visiting there.


There is so much to explore

When it comes to booking holidays, as humans it is natural that we fall into the pattern of choosing the same location. This is because we look for reliability, especially if we plan on spending a lot of money. We recommend that you step out of your comfort zone and look into visiting somewhere like Crete due to the fact there is so much to do and so many places to explore.

When you return to the same places continuously, you quickly work your way through all of the activities that you can do. Due to the diversity and rich cultures found in the Cretan islands, it is likely that you will never be able to get bored of all that there is to do.

You can enjoy your time in the center of the islands, getting to know the locals and enjoying the many markets and shopping opportunities, but if you really want to experience the culture that Crete has to offer you can actually book vehicles that you can use to get around the island. If you want to know more about how you can do so, take a look at this complete guide to renting a quad in crete. Quadding is a great way to get around Crete as public transport can be limited in time and area, when booking a quad the guides are also really eager to show you around and so will be able to get to know some of the more exclusive places on the island.


The People

Often when you visit a country, a lot of the natives may be hostile towards you as they are sick of their home being flooded with tourists. This is not the case in Crete and the locals are some of the most welcoming people that you will ever meet. Local businesses depend heavily on tourism, so the people of Crete are very welcoming and are more than happy to share advice and educate you on the area.

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